Thinking Differently

Reminiscences of a technology innovator

Words of Advice

Be nice to people, and let them know that they’re doing a great job. Keep in mind that results depend on the causes that are put forth. Stop doing things that you love, and do things that bring great results. Great results are those that end up benefiting others. Never take anything about yourself too seriously. Be grateful for all kinds of things, regardless if you consider it good or bad. Try to meditate regularly, at least a little each day. If you already do that, then keep meditating more until that is all you do.

Professional Bio

I started to play with numbers and computers more seriously around 40 years ago when I learned how to program before I knew how to read. Since then, I have contributed to many advanced technology startups, non-profits, open-source projects, and enterprises. I have written many papers and articles, some of which became seminal in their field. My work has been covered in hundreds of media outlets, including the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. I’m no longer starting new projects, nor joining projects started by others.


I’ve appeared in ~100 global research, communications, data science and technology related conferences and events as a keynote, panelist and speaker. I made the decision to stop giving public talks in 2018, and have not given any since then.